I think this is a Poe, but I cannot quite be sure. As such, I’m going to explain a few errors in this post.

The most serious defect in the evolutionary theory is the absence of transitional fossils.

Really? That’s cool, because there seems to be at least two fairly long lists of them. Oh well.

If life has always been in a continual stream of transmutation from one form to the other,as evolutionists insist,then we should certainly expect to find as many fossils of the intermediate stages between different forms as of the distinct kinds themselves.Yet no fossils have been found that can be considered transitional between the major groups of Phyla.

Terrestrial cetaceans->whales/dolphins

From the very beginning these organisms were just as clearly and distinctly set apart from each other as they are today.

Except, they aren’t; go look at them.

Instead of finding a record of fine gradations preserved in the fossil record,we invariably find large gaps.

Gaps? If you have a time line, and you find something from a specific point in it, exactly where evolutionary models predict it to be, mind you, it splits it in two. You can extrapolate between these and make predictions as to what kind of fossils you will find at what points in time to fill said “gap” and where you will find them. This was precisely what was done with Tiktaalik and Acanthostega as well as numerous hominoid fossils.

This fact is absolutely fatal to the general theory of evolution.

Did you sleep during biology class?

Consider well these immense Gaps:


1. The imagined jump from dead matter to living protozoans is a transition of truly fanciful dimension,one of pure conjecture which overlooks the works  of Redi,Spallanzi, and Pasteur,who disproved spontaneous generation.

Because molecules fossilize SO well… They disproved spontaneous generation, NOT modern abiogenesis. The modern field of abiogenesis research knows that. It’s not excluding that information. Bacteria don’t magically appear. Self-replicating systems can appear.

2.There is a gigantic gap between one-celled microorganisms and the high complexity and variety of the metazoan invertebrates.

Viruses make neat transitional forms for this, as do archaea. Cyanobacteria are neat little bacteria which look an aweful lot like chloroplasts.

3.The evolutionary transition between invertebrates and vertebrates is completely missing. This is absolutely incredible since evolutionists propose  100 million years of developmental time between the two,which would have involved billions of transitional forms,Yet,not one has ever been found.

Not a single one, huh?

4.The evolutionary advance from fishes to Amphibians is totally nonexistent.The timeline allegedly took millions of years….(30 million)…and yet no one has been able to produce even one fishibian.

I already mentioned two transitional forms, acanthostega and tiktaalik, want more?

5.There are no connecting links between and the altogether different reptiles.Seymouria has been offered as such a link,but it allegedly occurs in the geologic column some 20 million years after other reptiles had  already appeared.

It has many reptile-like features, it was first thought to BE a reptile, not a “link.” The anthracosaurs and diadectomorphs better illustrate a transitional forms.

6.There are no transitional forms between mammals and reptiles.

Do I really need to demonstrate this? Will you just take my word that there are lots of them? I do? Just read about what a “synapsid” is…

7.There is no connecting evolutionary link between reptiles and birds.Archaeopteryx was once highly acclaimed as such a link but has since  been acknowledged by Paleontologists to have been a true bird.

They’re called theropods… First, however, you have to go from reptiles to dinosaurs.

8.There are no intermediate fossils leading up to man from an apelike ancestor.Fossil hominids and hominoids cited by evolutionists are actually  either fossils of ape or a man or neither.There is no valid Scientific  evidence to suggest that they are fossils of animals intermediate between men and apes.

Except for:

Australopithecus, Sahelanthropus, Homo habilis, and Pierolapithecus.


5 Responses to “Poe?”

  1. 1 Pliny-the-in-Between
    September 30, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    I may never forgive you for that link to that steaming pile of excrement called -Atheist-Fools. You’d think anyone dispensing that much circular logic so quickly would turn into butter. The sanctimony dripped off the screen and shorted out my keyboard.. 😉 Plus the Ann Coulter links. His position seems to be – I know I’m right so anything anyone else says is wrong. Quite the intellectual.

    No transitional fossils? I am so tired of having to cover the same ground with these people.

  2. 2 jaredcormier
    September 30, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    Precisely, I don’t know if I should just point and laugh or actually try to respond. I want challenging, logical, and novel arguments, you know, something that makes me think when they put it forth. I’ve searched in vain for months. There are literally thousands of “evilushun iz liez!” and “gawd iz reel!” websites. Thousands claim to “logically prove God exists” and yet none of them do. Is it so much to ask to have these people that are trying to force their beliefs upon people to at least back up their claims?

    I don’t care if someone believes in a supernatural force, I care when they want ME to believe it too. I have many monotheistic friends (granted, mostly cafeteria Catholics) as well as some deistic, pantheistic, and polytheistic ones, too. I tell them their religion is wrong so long as they don’t tell me exactly what I should believe in or try to argue that their religion “is the truthtm!” At that point, I will undoubtedly carefully listen to their argument, carefully consider it and examine it, and (usually) carefully eviscerate it. The pantheistic and deistic ones (and even the theistic ones in some instances as well) are mostly existential such as “god is love, it’s an emotion, not a being, blah, blah, blah.”

  3. 3 Pliny-the-in-Between
    September 30, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    I suppose that it should be no surprise that someone who is so convinced in supernatural causes for the universe, should also blissfully believe that they are completely logical in their arguments – but it is time and again…

  4. 4 jaredcormier
    September 30, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    It doesn’t surprise me anymore. I think it speaks volumes about my expectations of humans when I say that anyone capable of typing an argument such as this should be capable (hypothetically) of a superficial understanding of evolutionary biology (at least enough to refute the recent examples of Creationist/ID arguments). I want to explore (really explore) why they believe the religious things they do: neurologically, sociologically, and psychologically. There has to be some pattern (other than community religiosity) which can be explored by us evil scientists and exploited to mitigate this complete scientific illiteracy.

    Honestly, this is why I read so much of their arguments (and rants, stories, etc); I get another little piece of their brains to incorporate into my cdesign proponentists model. This is also why I want them to put forth novel arguments; it would add another new piece that isn’t just descended from previous arguments with very slight modifications.

  5. 5 Tom Coward
    October 17, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    I don’t think it is a Poe as it is too badly written to be a parody. It seems to be the work either a slightly precocious nine-year-old or a semi-literate twenty-something. Poes, by contrast, are usually more clever, and less obviously nuts.

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